Year round, we’re honoured to amplify the powerful voices of the queer, trans, and nonbinary community. This Pride month we are taking a step back, and passing the mic to those who inspire us. Together, let‘s listen, learn, and celebrate.



Get to know Anna and the story of how being embraced by her loved ones has helped her embrace herself:
“Unconditional love, acceptance, support and assistance. All of this has made me who I am today. Through so many wonderful people in my life I’ve truly discovered the real me. I no longer have to hide or pretend.”
We’re happy to call Anna a part of our family and are beyond thankful to have her inspire the sloggi community with her words.
“Pride is a community of others who have struggled to accept who they are. A sense of family. It gives me the strength to own my identity. Pride means THIS IS WHO I AM, and no one can change that. It means proud of who you are and who you love despite others. Being part of the LGBTQ+ group means finding strength, love, and support in a world that doesn’t always understand what we’re going through. It means standing alongside individuals who are facing their own battles. It’s a place where we can cheer each other on when they win, comfort each other when they lose, and help each other out when we need it. This group has taught me that we all deserve love and respect, no matter who we love or how we see ourselves. But maybe most importantly, being a part of this group has taught me how important it is to accept myself. It’s about accepting every part of who I am, enjoying my own journey, and helping others on theirs.“



Meet Oumou – Berlin based runner, photographer and director, who shares their philosophy on personal expression:
“I’m someone who enjoys life and can also be quiet. But most of the time I choose to be bold, loud and expressive. I’m a nonbinary runner, a friend, an environmentalist. I want to show the world how it is to live authentically as yourself.”
“Pride is a fight. It’s a period to celebrate the successes, the life and battles that we endure every day to make this world a better place. I‘m celebrating Pride by just doing what I do all the time: living authentically and spending time with my loved ones and community, uplifting each other. I’m from a country where being queer is at risk of imprisonment, death threats and violence - I’m caring about surviving and celebrating life whenever I can and embracing each chance that I have. I believe being part of the community means finding people who have similar battles and just want a chance at existing as their whole self.“