We believe that nothing should hold us back.
So we are set up to create game changing, innovative underwear that lets that happen.
We’re not into innovation just because it’s cool (although it is).
We innovate because we want everyone to be able to move through our world in comfort.
And we always have been...

We are obsessed
with getting

It’s why sloggi was created. Since the launch of our first collection in 1979 we have redefined and reinvented what comfort means. Our first products revolutionised cotton with innovative technology that transformed the underwear category. Since then, led by our belief that nothing should hold us back, we have continued to innovate, season after season, so we can move through our world in comfort.

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About us.

Comfort is liberating and empowering. So we put comfort first, second and third in everything we do. With innovative materials, designs and out of the box thinking we create the world’s most comfortable, wearable, everyday, innovative bodywear. Since 40 years we are a hallmark of diversity and modern uncompromising lifestyle that emboldens people to stand for themselves.

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