There’s no wiggle too wide. No jiggle too high. sloggi mOve is a celebration of movement with no limits.

Whether you’re sprinting around the park or strolling around the cafe, we believe in the joy of movement. And so we created our mOve athleisure bodywear label – designed to make each and every movement as comfortable and as fun as possible.


mOve FLOW enhances your blood circulation, which means that even if the pace of your movement slows, your body is kept warm and forever ready to move.

mOve FLEX is perfect for flexible and agile moves. The range allows for flexibility and freedom of movement, using technology that reduces any friction with the body or outerwear.

mOve FLY balances your body’s heat with the temperature of the enviroment. The stretchability of the mOve FLY material makes for perfect support and control, so there’s no need to hold back,however you’re moving.


mOve FLEX with reduced friction finishing allows true freedom of movement and breathability. So whether you’re a full-time circuit trainer or part-time park jogger, we’ve got your every move covered.

Cutting edge thermoregulation supports bigger, bolder moves – this means that mOve FLY keeps bodies warm when they’re cold and cool when they’re warm. How cool is that? Or hot. Depending on the situation.