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sloggi AW2016 EverNew - Let Go

Live life liberated

Join our mission to relieve the increasingly hectic pace of everyday life

More and more is now expected of us all, and we feel the need to become better versions of ourselves, working harder, looking flawless, available 24/7.

sloggi has been standing for freedom since its launch in 1979, so naturally we feel that it is our task to help put an end to this. This is why we're setting out to encourage and inspire genuine stress relieve with the help of little "Let Go" moments.

Check out our "Let Go" movie to learn more!

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sloggi women EverNew Lace

Enjoy everlasting lacy comfort with EverNew Lace

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sloggi men EverNew

Our high-performance fabric with special finish: EverNew

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sloggi EverNew colouring book

Colour your way to relaxation

This beautifully illustrated sloggi colouring book is inspired by our favourite laces, prints, shapes and new campaign shoot in Paris.

We'd love you to experience your very own "Let Go" moment and set aside for a little while wherever you are to colour our collection just how you please.

You'll be amazed how relaxed you'll feel!

Download the sloggi "Let Go" colouring book